Memorial Day Flood, Tax Day Flood, Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Imelda – four major rain events in 5 years. If you flooded once, twice or three times in the past five years, you know flooding disrupts your life, steals precious family heirlooms and pictures, and takes away your sense of security. After witnessing the devastation from Harvey, Wendy is actively engaged in combatting flooding through her work on Willow Fork Drainage District and as a co-founder of Barker Flood Prevention. As Assistant Vice President of Willow Fork Drainage District, she has led the board of director’s effort to provide additional flood management infrastructure. Through Barker Flood Prevention and Houston Stronger, Wendy has worked to identify and promote solutions for the Greater Houston Area. Wendy has also met with residents, community leaders, engineers and government officials to determine solutions for the Jones Creek, Bessie’s Creek and Brazos River watersheds. Wendy Duncan is committed to fight local and regional flooding as our next Commissioner.

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