My opponent is once again trying to win this election by spreading false information. I will not sit idly by and allow him to steal your right to better leadership! A mailer went out today with a picture of me and Mayor Sylvester Turner. Let me address SEVERAL falsehoods and misleading statements.

False Statement #1 – “Wendy is loyal to Turner and the special interests”

Truth – I have never met Mayor Turner. I have heard him speak on two occassions. I have no affliation with or loyalty to Turner. I do not know who the “special interests” are supposed to be, but I serve on WFDD Board of my own free will. I am loyal to the people I serve. Period!

False Statement  #2 – “Duncan has personally travelled to Austin to fight alongside the City of Houston against Andy Meyers’ bills to force Mayor Turner to spend OUR tax dollars on OUR residents”

Truth – I absolutely did NOT fight HB 957. This bill would have required Houston to spend 50% of its portion of the sales tax collected within the district. AND I absolutely did not ‘fight alongside’ Houston. I opposed HB 958 which provided no protection for the local sales tax dollars collected and used on local projects helping us to decrease tax rates for MUD’s and keep HOA dues from rising.

False Statement #3 – “Duncan is making false claims about Fort Bend County taxes.”

Truth – All of the statements on my mailers, Facebook page and website can  be documented with sources. Anyone can verify the information. They are accurate.

False Statement #4 – Duncan’s appointment to Willow Fork Drainage District (WFDD) was carefully orchestrated by special interests.

Truth – April Renberg was a Director at WFDD and was vacating her position when she learned she was moving out of the state. April asked me to be one of the candidates that interviewed with the other four board members for the position. Three other candidates interviewed, and the WFDD Board of Directors chose me.

Misleading Statement – Duncan is seeking the election to two offices – a clear question of divided loyalties.

Truth – I am seeking the election as Commissioner FBC and Director at WFDD. This is completely legal and above board. If I am elected in May 2020 to serve the residents of WFDD and then also elected to serve as Commissioner in November 2020, I will resign my position at WFDD, and the board will appoint someone to take my place. These two positions do not represent divided loyalties – WFDD residents are also Fort Bend County residents.

Misleading Statement – “Duncan hasn’t voted to lower the tax rate in 3 years.”

Truth – The WFDD Board of DIrectors has not voted to raise or lower taxes in the last 3 years due in part to recovering from Harvey and home values decreasing dramatically. I thought it was impressive that we did not have to raise taxes to address the damage we received from that flood event. The truth is that WFDD has lowered its tax rate by over 80% since 1990.

Misleading information – the chart comparing WFDD taxes with FBC county

Truth – Not one home in the WFDD boundary sells for or is valued at $175,000. The least expensive home on the market that I could find on HAR is $225,000, and our average home value based on the Central Appraisal District numbers is approximately $350,000. If the numbers were run again with this new data, a much different story would emerge. This fictional home they use to ‘prove’ a false narrative does not exist.

We have to ask ourselves, if the incumbent is willing to mislead us on these easy to verify statements, what else have we not been getting an honest answer on for the past 23 years?

I have faith in our community that we will not be manipulated by FALSE propaganda! This mailer only confirms that we need a change of leadership in Fort Bend County! Vote Wendy Duncan for Commissioner!

Wendy Duncan

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